MTG, база карт Magic The Gathering

Карты MTG высокого разрешения, скачай и играй. Настольная карточная игра Magic: the Gathering.
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MTG, сеты и издания

Magic The Gathering, все карты издания Portal Three Kingdoms

Alert Shu Infantry
Flanking Troops
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"
Misfortune's Gain
Ravages of War
Shu Elite Companions
Shu General
Virtuous Charge
Zhao Zilong, Tiger General
Broken Dam
Lady Sun
Mystic Denial
Strategic Planning
Wu Admiral
Wu Longbowman
Zhou Yu, Chief Commander
Cao Ren, Wei Commander
Imperial Edict
Return to Battle
Wei Ambush Force
Wei Night Raiders
Xun Yu, Wei Advisor
Zodiac Pig
Barbarian Horde
Control of the Court
Dong Zhou, the Tyrant
Imperial Recruiter
Mountain Bandit
Rockslide Ambush
Yellow Scarves Cavalry
Yuan Shao's Infantry
Borrowing the East Wind
Hua Tuo, Honored Physician
Marshaling the Troops
Slashing Tiger
Stalking Tiger
Three Visits
Wielding the Green Dragon
Zodiac Ox
Zuo Ci, the Mocking Sage
Island (1)
Swamp (2)
Mountain (3)
Eightfold Maze
Guan Yu, Sainted Warrior
Kongming's Contraptions
Pang Tong, "Young Phoenix"
Riding Red Hare
Shu Elite Infantry
Shu Grain Caravan
Volunteer Militia
Balance of Power
Capture of Jingzhou
Lu Meng, Wu General
Preemptive Strike
Straw Soldiers
Wu Elite Cavalry
Wu Scout
Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist
Desperate Charge
Imperial Seal
Sima Yi, Wei Field Marshal
Wei Assassins
Wei Scout
Young Wei Recruits
Zodiac Rat
Corrupt Eunuchs
Eunuchs' Intrigues
Independent Troops
Ravaging Horde
Rolling Earthquake
Yellow Scarves General
Zodiac Dog
False Mourning
Hunting Cheetah
Meng Huo, Barbarian King
Southern Elephant
Taoist Hermit
Trained Cheetah
Wolf Pack
Zodiac Rabbit
Plains (1)
Island (2)
Swamp (3)
Forest (1)
Empty City Ruse
Guan Yu's 1,000-Li March
Liu Bei, Lord of Shu
Peach Garden Oath
Shu Cavalry
Shu Farmer
Shu Soldier-Farmers
Warrior's Stand
Borrowing 100,000 Arrows
Champion's Victory
Lu Su, Wu Advisor
Red Cliffs Armada
Sun Ce, Young Conqueror
Wu Infantry
Wu Spy
Ambition's Cost
Corrupt Court Official
Overwhelming Forces
Stolen Grain
Wei Elite Companions
Wei Strike Force
Zhang He, Wei General
Zodiac Snake
Burning Fields
Desert Sandstorm
Fire Ambush
Lu Bu, Master-at-Arms
Relentless Assault
Stone Rain
Yellow Scarves Troops
Zodiac Dragon
Forest Bear
Lady Zhurong, Warrior Queen
Meng Huo's Horde
Spoils of Victory
Taoist Mystic
Trained Jackal
Zodiac Horse
Zodiac Rooster
Plains (2)
Island (3)
Mountain (1)
Forest (2)
False Defeat
Huang Zhong, Shu General
Loyal Retainers
Rally the Troops
Shu Defender
Shu Foot Soldiers
Zhang Fei, Fierce Warrior
Brilliant Plan
Council of Advisors
Forced Retreat
Lu Xun, Scholar General
Sage's Knowledge
Sun Quan, Lord of Wu
Wu Light Cavalry
Wu Warship
Cao Cao, Lord of Wei
Cunning Advisor
Ghostly Visit
Poison Arrow
Stone Catapult
Wei Infantry
Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed
Zhang Liao, Hero of Hefei
Barbarian General
Burning of Xinye
Diaochan, Artful Beauty
Fire Bowman
Ma Chao, Western Warrior
Renegade Troops
Warrior's Oath
Yuan Shao, the Indecisive
Zodiac Goat
Heavy Fog
Lone Wolf
Riding the Dilu Horse
Spring of Eternal Peace
Taunting Challenge
Trip Wire
Zodiac Monkey
Zodiac Tiger
Plains (3)
Swamp (1)
Mountain (2)
Forest (3)
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